Thursday, December 30, 2010

One Year Supply

It has been a year since my blog was last updated, and a lot of things happened recently... I shall quickly share with the summary below:

Trip to the States

Last year, in Nov/Dec 09, Daddy and Mummy brought me for a trip to the States. And guess what, the trip was for the whole family and I get to play with all my cousins!

The Cousins

The weather there was freeeeeezzzzing! Daddy and Mummy were not prepared for the trip as it was not anticipated to be tha cold. And... we even went through a day of snow!

Mummy braving the cold to take picture with me!


At the States, we went to Disneyland, California Adventure, Sea World, Las Vagas... It was so much fun! But then again, I was too young, and skipped many of the more adventurous rides cos I was not tall enough. Nonetheless, I managed to take some of the kiddy rides. :)

Toontown in Disneyland


California Adventure

Back in Singapore, we started to fall sick. Daddy say it was due to us not being acclimatised to the weather in the States, and I soon became a victim too... :(

The Northern Flu Bug

My First Birthday

It was my 1st birthday! Party! Party! It's party time! Daddy, Mummy and 舅舅 spent lots of effort in decorating the house for my birthday. Mummy bought ballons, special decorations, Daddy ordered the food, and 舅舅 helped in printing and cutting the "cow" for me! Needless to say, I had a great time on the day of celebration!

My Maiden Race

Daddy has been a runner all these while, going for marathons and such. It has been his wish to train up his kids to be the next representative of Singapore for international marathons. And of course I am not spared... So, he signed me up for my "maiden race", the Cold Storage Kids Run 2010! Haha, I was not running actually, because Daddy signed me in the stroller chase category due to me not being able to run yet. It was Daddy who ran...

Phuket Trip 8 Aug 10 - 10 Aug 10

I think no one can be as blessed as me liao. Daddy and Mummy brought me for a trip to Phuket! Yipee!! It is my 2nd trip to Phuket, the 1st one was in Dec 08, when I was still in Mummy's tummy though... Haha.

The weather there was hot, hot, and hot. Luckily we stayed in a resort with a swimming pool just beside our unit, and Daddy and 舅舅 brought me to the pool to play, to cool down from the hot weather. But alas, it is only a short 3 days trip, we were back in Singapore in no time... :(

November Birthday Month

Mummy, Piper and Silver celebrated their birthday on 18 Nov, 8 Nov and 24 Nov respectively. While Piper and Silver celebrated their birthday at home, Daddy decided to bring Mummy out for a simple meal, where I managed to blackmail Daddy there... haha. =)

Piper's Birthday

Silver's Birthday

Mama's Birthday @ Novena

A New Family Member!

Well, if you are observant enough in the Phuket photos, you would have realised. Yes, Mummy was pregnant then, with my little brother, Xavier! He was born on 22 Dec 10, one day before Daddy and Mummy's wedding anniversary. Yipee! A new playmate for me other than Piper / Silver / Mocha! I finally have someone for me to look after! ;)

弟弟 Xavier!

Daddy, Mummy and Xavier

Friday, January 1, 2010

It's a new year (2010)!!

19 Sep 09

My Daddy ah, have been very very irresponsible for a long time. He had not been updating my blog for SSSSOOOOOoooooo long. So now for a start in the new year, Daddy is going to summarised the things that had happened in late 2009.

At the last entry, it was mentioned that I missed Daddy a lot, and was looking forward to him returning from MSTD. And presto!! On the faithful day of 19 Sep 09, Daddy finally came back and hugged me and carried me!! I was overjoyed with smiles! =)

5 Oct 09

Daddy and Mummy say, today is the first day that my lower front teeth are observed to be popping out from the gum. The white cap can be seen, and it is no wonder that Daddy is complaining of lack of sleep for past week. I had been feeling very uncomfortable for many nights, as the tooth tooth tried to force their way out. It's ok Daddy, lack of sleep will help you to cut weight!! =P

10 Oct 09

*Sob**sob* Daddy and Mummy brought me to Uncle Matt Matt again today. It was time for my second dose of 6-in-1 injections. OUCH!! It hurts!!

21 Oct 09

Mummy, I love you!! You had fed me sooooo well. Today, one week before my 6mths date, I had hit 10kg!! Measuring 67cm in length, I am definitely a healthy growing baby. I love milk milk!! =)

29 Oct 09

I am 6 months old! And both Daddy and Mummy had took Child Care Leave today, so that they can bring me to the Jurong Bird Park. I never knew that birds can be sooooo colourful, like the flamingos. Sooooo pink, I like! But the weather was very unfriendly, the sun was blasting outright at us, and I sweated a lot. Poor Daddy and Mummy, have to endure the heat and carry me around. But we definitely enjoyed the outing today, and a lot of nice nice photos were taken. =)

Oh, today Daddy and Mummy also attempted to mould my hand and foot prints on clay for the second time, and they finally succeeded!

1 Nov 09

Yay! I am finally starting to move on with new food! Mummy had bought rice cereal and let me try. It was mixed with only milk and... it just taste a bit blend, but it's nice anyway. Mummy, can I have some flavours added in?

Mummy is the best, again! She went all out to satisfy my taste bud with different flavoured purees. Yummy! I love rice cereals so much more now!! =)

29 Nov 09

Woah!! We are going to fly soon!! I am so excited. Daddy is going to do a special write up on the US trip once the photos are finalised. Can't wait to share with everyone all the wonderful things that took place there. =)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

I miss Daddy and Mummy

Daddy is now in Brunei. He has set sail for MSTD since 7 Aug.

Daddy has always been the one who dresses me in pyjamas after my shower and thereafter he will tuck me nicely into bed, pat me with his hugh warm hands and humming the lullaby. I miss Daddy very much and I expressed my sadness to Mummy. I know Mummy also misses Daddy but she kept it well in her heart as she pacifies me at night during shower and bed time. It did not take Daddy off my mind. I don't know why but I could not sleep well the first few nights that Daddy was away. I just kept crying and crying on bed. Mummy had a hard time comforting me. I remembered there was one night that Mummy struggled with me till 1+ in the morning before I finally exhausted my energy.

Mummy is thankful for Jiu Jiu's presence while Daddy is away as he helped to keep me occupied so that Mummy can get the night routine done with ease.

Mummy was away for a 2 day course yesterday and today.
"I thought she's supposed to be on maternity leave to keep me company?!?"

I was left under the care of Gong Gong and Auntie Nur. Things were pretty much the same during the day (sleep, wake up, play, drink milk, cry, sleep again.. and the cycle continues). I was very happy to see Mummy when she got home and I hugged her as she cuddled me before bringing me out. I love the evening walk as this is the uninterrupted 'Mummy-and-Baby' time. Mummy will tell me stories and describes the things that happen around us, sings and dances around as we stroll around the estate.

I look forward to Daddy's home coming, then we can have a family walk together.

Monday, August 10, 2009

National Day (9 Aug)

Happy Birthday Singapore!!

I'm proud to be a Singaporean, and I love my country!! I took my 1st National Pledge, together with thousands of other people at 8.22pm.

Stand up for Singapore, do the best you can..

3 months: Into the Action

Yippe, I'm a happy baby girl. Mummy is into online shopping and she has bought a lot of gadgets for me (some for playing, some for wearing, some for feeding, etc). Daddy and Mummy brought me to Vivo City's Toys R Us to try out the Jumperoo. I LOVE it. Jump jump jump... Check it out, I may be the next spokeperson for Fisherprice =)

Daddy measured me on 30th July and he praised me for growing so well, 67cm!! Mummy has been tracking my growth, plotting them on the chart against the WHO standard. heard Mummy exclaimed when she told Daddy that I'm like above the 100th percentile. Woohoo..I'm a tall girl and I'm determined to join Daddy for his marathon/biathelon/triathelon.. I'm a Daddy's girl.

Look, I can hold my head up too. Everyone has been telling me that I have strong bones and neck. Of course right, Mummy's milk is rich in all kinds of nutrients and anti-bodies. I used to fuss about tummy time, but I'm enjoying it now. I'm trying hard to flip over from back to tummy, and Mummy has been giving me a lot of encouragement as she helps to roll me over. Oh, I'm also learning how to crawl. Mummy will bend my knees and place her hands against my feet as I kick and push myself forward. This is so much fun..

Other than the physical training, it is also important to exercise my eyes and brain. So whenever I'm in the mood, Mummy will bring out the flash cards and wave them at me. She makes Daddy do the same too. I wonder why I get all excited when I look at the black and white images.

Erm, this doesn't seem right.. I've been sitting in my Bumbo for quite some time now. I'm getting bored. Where's my entertainment?? Where's my milk??

Thursday, July 30, 2009

2nd visit to Dr Uncle (25 July)

I've learnt my lesson from the previous visit, that meeting Dr Uncle is not pleasant event. That pointy pointy needle hurts my butt. Wah.. sob sob..

Daddy pacified me after the jab. I was told that there will be a few more shots in time to come. I don't want needle needle, Mummy!!! Wah!!! Pain pain painful!!

6-in-1: 2nd dose
Rotavirus: 1st dose
Weight: 6.9kg

Saturday, July 18, 2009

My 1st Swimming Session (5 Jul 09)

Mummy had been shopping online, buying a lot of things for me. She had really went all out to make sure that I have the best things, in terms of toys, play area, studying material... And one of the item she bought for me, is a home swimming tub!! =)

After the swimming pool arrived, Mummy decided to let me test out in Jiu Jiu's toilet, as there is much more space. I must say I enjoyed the sensation of being in the pool, in warm water. There is enough space for one adult to go in (to help build my confidence), which Mummy volunteered her service and changed into her swimming costume (she can't really swim inside though). =)

But this did not last long, as I started to get impatient, because the water started to get a little bit cold...