Thursday, December 30, 2010

One Year Supply

It has been a year since my blog was last updated, and a lot of things happened recently... I shall quickly share with the summary below:

Trip to the States

Last year, in Nov/Dec 09, Daddy and Mummy brought me for a trip to the States. And guess what, the trip was for the whole family and I get to play with all my cousins!

The Cousins

The weather there was freeeeeezzzzing! Daddy and Mummy were not prepared for the trip as it was not anticipated to be tha cold. And... we even went through a day of snow!

Mummy braving the cold to take picture with me!


At the States, we went to Disneyland, California Adventure, Sea World, Las Vagas... It was so much fun! But then again, I was too young, and skipped many of the more adventurous rides cos I was not tall enough. Nonetheless, I managed to take some of the kiddy rides. :)

Toontown in Disneyland


California Adventure

Back in Singapore, we started to fall sick. Daddy say it was due to us not being acclimatised to the weather in the States, and I soon became a victim too... :(

The Northern Flu Bug

My First Birthday

It was my 1st birthday! Party! Party! It's party time! Daddy, Mummy and 舅舅 spent lots of effort in decorating the house for my birthday. Mummy bought ballons, special decorations, Daddy ordered the food, and 舅舅 helped in printing and cutting the "cow" for me! Needless to say, I had a great time on the day of celebration!

My Maiden Race

Daddy has been a runner all these while, going for marathons and such. It has been his wish to train up his kids to be the next representative of Singapore for international marathons. And of course I am not spared... So, he signed me up for my "maiden race", the Cold Storage Kids Run 2010! Haha, I was not running actually, because Daddy signed me in the stroller chase category due to me not being able to run yet. It was Daddy who ran...

Phuket Trip 8 Aug 10 - 10 Aug 10

I think no one can be as blessed as me liao. Daddy and Mummy brought me for a trip to Phuket! Yipee!! It is my 2nd trip to Phuket, the 1st one was in Dec 08, when I was still in Mummy's tummy though... Haha.

The weather there was hot, hot, and hot. Luckily we stayed in a resort with a swimming pool just beside our unit, and Daddy and 舅舅 brought me to the pool to play, to cool down from the hot weather. But alas, it is only a short 3 days trip, we were back in Singapore in no time... :(

November Birthday Month

Mummy, Piper and Silver celebrated their birthday on 18 Nov, 8 Nov and 24 Nov respectively. While Piper and Silver celebrated their birthday at home, Daddy decided to bring Mummy out for a simple meal, where I managed to blackmail Daddy there... haha. =)

Piper's Birthday

Silver's Birthday

Mama's Birthday @ Novena

A New Family Member!

Well, if you are observant enough in the Phuket photos, you would have realised. Yes, Mummy was pregnant then, with my little brother, Xavier! He was born on 22 Dec 10, one day before Daddy and Mummy's wedding anniversary. Yipee! A new playmate for me other than Piper / Silver / Mocha! I finally have someone for me to look after! ;)

弟弟 Xavier!

Daddy, Mummy and Xavier

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